Real Estate Site Selection

Our expert location and site selection services enable us to develop a holistic global location strategy tailored to support our clients specific project needs and ultimately advance the organizations overall corporate objectives. Specific services include:

Location Strategy Development and Assessment

Develop and evaluate options for leveraging geography from strategic, operational, and financial perspectives to create an overall "footprint" plan that satisfies both discrete business functions and broader corporate strategy.

Location Selection and Site Selection

Identify the optimal locations and specific sites -- leveraging our experience, proven methodologies, and state-of-the-art analytical tools -- that provide the best fit and the best deal.

Change Management and Implementation

Generate and manage the critical policies and procedures central to successful implementation of an expansion, relocation, or consolidation of a client's operations.

Investor Services

Determine how, post-acquisition, a company's new location portfolio can be reconfigured to enhance financial and operational performance.