Law Firm Practice Group 

Savills Studley’s Law Firm Practice Group is a global team of experienced and respected industry professionals at the vanguard of workforce, workplace, and real estate innovation. Experts in the operations and culture of law firm practices, our advisors partner with clients on sophisticated business solutions that mitigate risk and enhance opportunity for firms to increase profitability, brand equity, workplace efficiency and employee productivity.

The Law Firm Practice Group leadership is comprised of senior-level real estate advisors from throughout Savills Studley who continually collaborate on best practices, market insights and solutions to complex real estate assignments--bringing a real depth of experience and shared knowledge to every assignment.

In part because of the firm’s conflict-free platform, culture of innovation and zealous client advocacy the New York Law Journal named Savills Studley the “best commercial real estate tenant representation.” The firm has successfully advised more than 76% of American Lawyer’s Top 100 Firms on the unique business drivers affecting a practice’s longevity and profitability.

The firm’s research, analysis and intelligence are never diluted by a need to bolster the pricing in asset markets, so every solution is hand-crafted to optimize the financial, operational and cultural considerations unique to each practice.

Our tenant representation platform allows us to present an unbiased perspective on the actual cost of occupancy. The firm produces Insights and Industry Reports on trends affecting law firm employment, revenue, space utilization, compensation and occupancy trends. Through our Knowledge^3 real estate intelligence platform, managing partners and administrators can explore the firm’s portfolio from all dimensions and across every platform in real time – empowering decisions with smart analytics and actionable insights.

In the age of cross-border consolidation, law firms operate across multiple geographies, economies, and practices. Savills Studley is uniquely equipped to help multinational law firms optimize a geo-diverse portfolio and make strategic real estate decisions that enhance the value of the firm.