M&A Advisory Integration

Specialist Property Services and Sectors

Savills Studley’s approach addresses the considerations that influence integration success and realization of synergies.


  • Location analysis
  • Business opportunities
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • People strategy

Real Estate

  • Flexibility
  • Space requirements & availability
  • Workplace & occupancy
  • Market dynamics & costs


  • Legal & regulatory
  • Contractual
  • Risk management
  • Infrastructure

Savills Studley’s Experienced M&A Specialty Practice Delivers:

  • A scalable team to help clients quickly and cost-effectively address increased workload on time
  • Due diligence for not only the acquisition phase, but as the foundation for future real estate optimization and integration
  • Increased competitiveness of purchase price by uncovering value and reducing uncertainty
  • Strategic business and operations value creation opportunities beyond typical due diligence
  • Risk identifi cation and mitigation strategies
  • Fully vetted real estate strategies at portfolio, market and site levels
  • Comprehensive approach for addressing contractual and regulatory issues
  • Cost savings realization with high ROI – 41:1 in a recent engagement


  • Industry leading multi-tiered quality control practices
  • A conflict-free approach, we only represent tenants
  • Delivery measurable savings for each client
  • Technology agnostic, multiple platform expertise with client owned data
  • Higher standards, skilled resources, and consistent operating procedures
  • Anticipate industry changes, explore technology developments and stay ahead of competition
  • Foster valued Landlord-Tenant relationships


  • Process consulting and software selection
  • Electronic document management, file maintenance and centralization
  • Database implementation and maintenance
  • Lease document abstraction
  • Critical date management and automated alerts
  • Expense and income lease management
  • Invoice review, lease expense validation and processing
  • Corporate governance and regulatory compliance support
  • Portfolio and financial reporting
  • Desk-top audits
  • Field audits
  • Landlord negotiations and dispute resolution
  • Process maps and workflow

Key contacts

Ann Duncan

Executive Vice President, Head of Occupier Services, Director

+1 813 864 1688

+1 813 864 1688