Technology, Advertising, Media, Information (TAMI)

Technology, Advertising, Media and Information companies are the main driver of the new economy. As an innovation engine, TAMI businesses revolutionize the market through new perspectives on a product, process or service. When it comes to real estate, TAMI businesses require a strategy that is equally unique.

A primary example is the entertainment industry. As content creation and consumption have been completely transformed by digital platforms, there has been a distinct convergence among entertainment, technology and media companies. Consequently, there’s been a dramatic shift in how the newly configured industry views its operational facilities and occupancy requirements, with a significant focus on scale and flexibility and the blurring of lines between traditional office and industrial space, high-rise and creative buildings and production and studio facilities.

Rather than having a “one-size-fits-all” perspective, Savills Studley prides itself on bespoke solutions. We specialize in conceptualizing and designing workforce, workplace and real estate solutions for TAMI businesses at every stage in a company’s lifecycle.In an industry where human interaction, chance meetings, serendipitous collaborations and the free exchange of ideas can add so much value, the right location is mission critical in attracting and retaining top talent.Savills Studley is a strategic financial and real estate partner, helping to employ investment dollars wisely by maximizing employee happiness and minimizing cost. Our team understands the rapidly changing nature of start-up and scale-up businesses, and we negotiate on your behalf tenaciously to gain the lease flexibility that is crucial for seamless scalability.                                                                                                                                                                                      Savills Studley is located in every major tech city in the country, with leading tenant-focused professionals that specialize in fast-growing businesses. Our deep understanding of TAMI businesses, forward-thinking approach to workplace innovation and local market intelligence enables us to extract the most value from every transaction for our clients.