Tenant Representation

As the commercial real estate firm that pioneered the conflict-free business model of representing tenants, today Savills Studley is the only national firm dedicated to providing solutions for the most complex occupancy issues.

The firm's comprehensive real estate platform includes brokerage, workplace strategy, incentives and location strategy, project management, and strategic consulting; all geared exclusively to a tenant's needs.

Most real estate companies derive a large portion of their income acting as leasing agents for landlords, which creates an obvious conflict when negotiating on behalf of tenants in those buildings. Not Savills Studley. Tenants are our focus. Our mission is to represent our clients zealously, without working “both sides of the street.” Through that commitment, we achieve superior results.

Where others use “the market” as a benchmark, we regard comparable transactions as a lower bound and not as straight-jacket. Our goal is to define the market by continually improving over our competitors' results. The data shows it.

Savills Studley uses its purity of purpose as the core of its culture. We are never trying to “arrange” a transaction, but instead zealously represent our clients. We pride ourselves on developing innovative pro-tenant structures and provisions that over time become industry standards and are incorporated into leases throughout the country.

Savills Studley is wholly-owned by Savills, the worldwide real estate services provider. This relationship means you have access to the best property experts in all key markets across the world when your business needs them. Our focus is local but our scope is global.