Acquisitions/Dispositions and Sale/Leaseback

For our clients who occupy owned real estate, Savills Studley helps to solve the lease vs. own riddle based on the organization's operating objectives, cost and availability of capital, GAAP accounting impact, income tax considerations and other financial metrics.

Our teams can help to unlock the value of their owned real estate assets through a variety of structures: a sale without a leaseback or a short term leaseback; single asset and portfolio sales and leasebacks; build-to-suit transactions combined with a leaseback; partial leaseback transactions; and CTL and credit-based structured leasebacks.

For our clients who currently lease but want to migrate to owned real estate (or already own real estate but want to transition to a different asset), we have great experience in assisting them in acquiring an existing building or in negotiating a build-to-suit.

Monetization solutions can produce both balance sheet enhancements and flexibility, and evaluating and vetting all potential outcomes is what we do best. Our team of experts has structured some of the most complex and innovative sale/leaseback, acquisitions and disposition transactions in the United States and have consistently delivered exceptional results to an array of public and private corporations as well as many not-for-profit organizations


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+1 202 624 8519