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    Using completed transactions as its source, the SERI report offers “real world” numbers that reflect negotiated terms, including lease concessions and operating-expense information. This study focuses on the true cost of occupancy based on actual taking rents rather than on average asking rents.

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    West Los Angeles 2017 SERI Report

    West Los Angeles 2017 SERI Report

    May 02, 2017

    Steady hiring and leasing among entertainment and social media firms, as well as some professional business services companies, fueled brisk competition for space. Class A leasing volume totaled 5.0 msf, exceeding the long-term average by more than 10.0%. In turn, landlords pushed rent sharply higher. Investors continue to pay a premium for assets on the Westside, in several cases exceeding $500/sf and putting additional upward pressure on rent.


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